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So Mosh, What Can I
Expect on WP Freshstart?
[+] Clean up all the default posts, pages and comments.

[+] Configure must have Wordpress generate settings.

[+] Make your Site Google SEO Friendly

[+] Create must have pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy etc.

[+] Adding important pages such as affiliate, amazon and earnings disclaimers.

[+] Adding pages like Anti Spam, DMCA & Copyright Notice.

[+] Install multiple PLUGINS at once that every site needs.

[+] Create unlimited blank pages, posts and categories.

[+] PLUS ALL THE NEW 5.0 FEATURES listed above.
Front End - Awesome Bonuses
Now You Can do 10 TIMES MORE
with WP Freshstart
The BEST ALL-IN-ONE Plugin You Will Ever Get
PRO Content Features
Use Facebook comments instead of normal WP comments
Lazy load images & make your site load faster
Automatically optimize images on upload to save space
Add your site watermark to your images (brand your images)
Add 600+ Google Fonts to your site, use them anywhere
Auto Upload images to IMGUR Cloud, save space & increase speed

PRO Security Features
Block spam automatically (stops spammers from leaving comments on your site)
Limit number of user logins per hour (prevent brute force attacks)
Hide Wordpress (rename plugins, theme, wp-content, wp-uploads, wp-includes paths)
Safeguard Wordpress - Change login url from wp-login.php to anything you want
One Click DATABASE backup for your entire WP site

PRO SEO Features
Redirect 404 Not Found Errors to Home Page
Improve Local Business SEO: add Local business metadata according to
Add google translate button to 1-Click translate your site to another language
Show related posts after each post automatically for better crosslinking & traffic.
Load Site Faster & rank higher using GZIP in your site code for faster loading

PRO Branding Features For Your Site
Change admin header (logo)
Change admin footer (Remove references to wp)
Rename and disable admin menus for users etc.
Admin dashboard : add custom title/text, hide dashboard widgets
Admin bar settings : Hide admin bar, Customize logo etc.
Customize login page (background color, background image, logo image, logo url, form text, button colors etc)

PRO Social Features
Add social sharing buttons to your content
Add social metadata for facebook/twitter
Automatically share posts to Facebook and Twitter for auto social media traffic.
Add hover pin button for images for Pinterest traffic.

Other Special PRO Features
Minimize js/css code automatically for all pages
Show scroll to top button for better navigation
Use Google cdn libraries for popular JS files
One-Click to clean/optimize WP database for better security & speed.
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