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The Powerful Software + Exclusive Training That Gets You Highly Engaged Traffic and Generates Content Directly From The Internet…With ONE Easy Click!
PINTRA Combines Everything You Need Into One Amazing Plugin
Engaging Content + Targeted Traffic + SPEED!
Our Beta Users Got Results 24 Hours After Using Pintra
Here are Our Results with Our Niche Websites We Set Up
So Mosh, What Can I
Expect on Pintra?
Easily Create Customized Campaigns Inside Pintra!

This will become your main “base” for your automatic pinning and posting fresh content to your own Wordpress Websites, blogs or online Ecom Stores and your Pinterest account

Discover Amazing Content + Click To Post Instantly!

Posting Content Fro Your Websites, Has Never Been Easier. Just Browse Online And Hover Over Any Image You Find And Click On The Green Button. Then All You Have To Do Is Click Once To Curate New Content You Found Over To Your Websites And Blogs.

Post Images, Full Blog Posts and More!

Depending on the page you are grabbing your content from, you can post full images, entire blog posts and much more with one quick click! It’s fun and fast!  

Automatic “Sourcing” On The Fly!

Each Time You Click To Post, Content Will Be Pushed Over To Your Websites And Blogs, Together With Source Links Which Give Credit Back To The Original Source You Got Your Content From. This Gives The Proper Rights To The Content Owner! We’ll Teach You How To Avoid The Dreaded Google Slap ! 

“Push” Content Instantly To Your Pinterest Account 
Simply Push The Content You Want To Your Own Pinterest Account, Along With The Right Hashtags And The Link You Want To Redirect Your Traffic To. Learn How To Monetize This For Passive Income From The Free Targeted Traffic You Are Getting From. You Can Also Automatically Follow Other Pinterest Boards For Increased Traffic And User Engagement!

Enjoy More Traffic and More Passive Profits!

By generating more free targeted traffic, you can monetize your own blog, make money through your own ecommerce store, of capture more leads to create more passive income!

Exclusive Case Study and Training Video Modules! =

Watch over our shoulders as we teach you how to setup your Pinterest account, how to create your own boards, how to create a new Wordpress blog, how to integrate Google Adsense, and even how to find offers that’ll make you quick cash! We will be setting up your Website or blog into a cash machine.

Advanced Affiliate Marketing Training & FB Ads Mastery

Watch over our shoulders as we teach you how to maximize your results, by driving traffic for penny's using my own exact blueprint on how i drive traffic using FB Ads and how I monetize my cash machines for passive income. This Advanced training was first included as a stand alone upsell. But we decided to unlock it for the "Pintra Empire" members.  
Front End - Awesome Bonuses
"Reach a Bigger Audience and Get New Followers on Complete Autopilot for Full Engagement 24/7 "
Set it And Forget it Features Will Grow Your Pinterest Profile, REACH larger Targeted Audiences, and Get Massive Engagement Back To Your Websites and Blogs on COMPLETE Autopilot.
[+] Perfect for beginners and serious marketers who want to take their business on complete autopilot.

[+] Featured Tools "Schedule Tool" Automate your whole business by scheduling content to be syndicated over to your websites and social platforms

[+] Scheduling Saves you a lot of time in finding and posting multiple content based on the keywords you search for in Pintra!

[+] Content Will be posted on autopilot, every day, 24/7

[+] Get Automated traction back to your websites and blogs.
Fast Track Your Engagement and Traffic using our Special Discreet Follow Feature
Reach a Larger Audience and Generate a Massive Following, Free Traffic and Engagement From Your Targeted Niche on Complete Autopilot. 
[+] Our Special “Follow” tool will help you grow your Pinterest Followers and target audiences depending on keywords in your target niche.  

[+] Creates engagement back to your blogs, websites and Pinterest profiles almost immediately.

[+] This Feature will save a lot of time from manually performing these tasks. 

[+] Included is our special Auto Unfollow feature, where, our software detects users who have not engaged get removed to find new users. 

[+] Pintra Expansion will save you the time and effort in finding targeted users in your niche who are ready to engage with your content.
"Massive Followers, Massive Engagement on Complete Autopilot" 
Get Fresh Content on Complete Autopilot While Your Targeted Traffic Engages With Your Websites and More
[+] Allows you to find fresh content and repin them in Group boards, based on your niche based keywords.

[+] Allows you to find top ranking pins and repin them automatically to your own boards 

[+] Builds an engaging Pinterest account.  

[+] Pintra Robo will also get other real users to engage with your group boards and your traffic will be directed to your websites and blogs.

[+] Save time and automatically pin your content to group boards.

[+] Allows you to find top ranking pins and repin them automatically to your own boards

[+] Save time and automatically pin most engaged pins to your own boards.

[+] It runs on complete autopilot, set and forget.

"Quadruple Your Free Traffic and Generate Even More Passive Income and Daily Commissions Today"
Start Generating Daily Commissions, Free Real Targeted Traffic, and Become a Super Affiliate Marketer today, through All Our Top Software and Training Courses
Pintra Fusion is for the one who wants to learn how to generate money from being an Affiliate Marketer getting access to our top evergreen software and training courses.

 Inside you get our Flagship Course

Trafficzion (Free Traffic Back To your Websites and Blogs on Complete Autopilot)

 Bing Bang Profits (CPA Affiliate marketing and Software),

 Flip Flop Profits (Generate Daily Commissions using my Affiliate Marketing Blueprint) ,

Passion Tube Profits (Full course on building your Youtube Channel and Generating Passive Income,

Passion Blog Pro (Build your Passion into your business Online!) .

These courses will be included in your package. That's why we call it FUSION ! :) A Fusion of top software and training for you to get started today, and become a super affiliate marketer. As long as you follow our training to the T.    
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