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Important : Not Being GDPR Compliant Can Shut Your Business Down
Become Compliant Faster & Easier With This Powerful Wordpress Plugin
When clock hits zero, you can't get the bonuses
  •  Compliance on 7 Key GDPR Requirements
  •  Works with your blog or any other custom implementation of Wordpress including e-com stores.
  •  Just plug it in and set it up in less than 3 minutes for faster GDPR compliance.
  •  Cookie requirement compliance makes sure your EU visitors are briefed about cookie policy.
  •  Terms and conditions policy compliance gets your visitors consent to your T&C.
  •  Privacy policy compliance creates consent requirement for your privacy policy.
You Need GDPR Compliance No Matter How You Use Wordpress
WP GDPR Fix can really help you get compliant faster by filling in the bits that require the most amount of computation and coding work. It'll create the sections for you that will be very expensive and time consuming to re-create if you hired a team. 
You Need GDPR Compliance No Matter
How You Use Wordpress
So Mosh, What Can I
Expect on WP GDPR?
Cookie Consent
Automatically informs your users about cookie use and gets their consent.

T&C Acceptance
Get T&C Consent from any visitor to the site. Take people automatically to your T&C Page.

Privacy Policy
Generate a Privacy Policy automatically & redirect people on auto and get consent.

Right To Be Forgotten
Collect right to be forgotten requests and automatically notify website owners / admin.

Data Access
Collect Data access requests and automatically inform admin.

Data Breach Notification
Sends data breach notification to all users as required by law.

Data Rectification
Collect data rectification request and update owners and administrator.

Refuse EU Traffic
If you want, just refuse EU traffic and redirect it elsewhere.
Front End - Awesome Bonuses
Bonus 1 - Online Legal Protection Handbook
Know everything you must to make sure your business is protected online and you don’t invite any unnecessary trouble or liabilities. 
Bonus 2 - Wordpress SEO Top Secrets
How to take your Wordpress site to the top of its niche and keep it there. This guide reveals it all. 
Bonus 3 - Wordpress Helper Creator
Create smart Wordpress helpers that will guide your visitor through your site, answer questions and increase conversions. 
Bonus 4 - WP iAsk
Smart survey creator will create powerful surveys for your Wordpress site and boost your customer engagement. 
Bonus 5 - WP CallResponse
Turn your visitors into solid leads by getting them to book phone appointments and talking to them on phone using this powerful plugin. 
Bonus 6 - SEO Harvester Jeet
The most powerful keyword generator app will give you thousands of keywords for any niche in just a few minutes. 
Bonus 7 - WP FB Bar Jeet
Wordpress Plugin uses a crazy psychological to make your visitor go to absolutely any site you want. Works like magic. 
OTO 1 - Awesome Bonuses
Bonus 1 - Resellers License to Tube Reaper Jeet
Tube Reaper Jeet gets you both broad and specific search for an unlimited resource of long tail video keywords. Sources thousands of video keywords in a minute.
Bonus 2 - Resellers License to GR Jeet
Getresponse automation. Send mails with your Getresponse account from your desktop using GR Jeet.
Bonus 3 - Resellers License to Pinger Jeet
A fast, user friendly pinging application to update the content websites and search engines about the latest content on your website.It's designed to cover all major sites and blogs.
Bonus 4 - Resellers License to Keywords Goldmine Jeet 
Finds if there are videos on the front page of Google for any keyword and tells you which keywords don't have a video on Google page #1.
OTO 2 - Awesome Bonuses
Bonus 1 - Reseller License to List Mail jeet
How would you like to send a mail to your customers automatically when they sign up to a list? List mail Jeet is a very simple tool that allows you to send thousands of emails to your list with NO cost at all.
Bonus 2 - WhiteLabel License to WP Copysites
WP CopySites -Leverage this high utility plugin and bulk copy/update posts, pages, custom post types from one site to the other sites in the fastest possible time. 
Bonus 3 - WhiteLabel License to WP AmzStore
WP AmzStore is the fastest, easiest and the most efficient plugin that builds money making, profit generating Amazon Affiliate stores for you.
Bonus 4 - WhiteLabel License to WP Leadfinder 
A highly customizable plugin that generates exhaustive and relevant database from FB and Twitter. Saves you a lot of time on manual research by doing all the extensive research from the most popular social media platforms all by itself. 
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[+] Get A GDPR Compliant Default Terms & Conditions Policy 

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